What We Do

Precision Allergy Testing. Customized Treatment. Excellent Results

How We're Different - A New Path Forward

Nationwide Allergy formed in 2013, with the mission of bringing the highest quality Allergy Testing and Treatment to Primary Care providers in the simplest and most cost-effective way.

Our complete turnkey program provides:


  • Zero cost for all supplies 

  • Step by step clinical training and certification of your staff

  • Complete allergy billing and coding setup

  • Ongoing billing support 

  • No fee-splitting and no complicated MSO arrangements

  • Office documents and forms

  • Simple flat-fee pricing for immunotherapy

  • No long-term contracts

Sign-up takes less than 10 minutes and you could be on your way to providing the highest quality allergy solutions for your patients. 

 A Smart Solution For Allergy Sufferers

Mass-produced over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription allergy medications can ease patient symptoms but they often have significant side effects.

The good news: There are now custom medications available that have been specifically designed to resolve the allergy itself.

Our medications are unique custom-formulated allergen therapies that can help desensitize patients to many of the pollens, molds, and other triggers that cause symptoms and significant symptoms.

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Nationwide Allergy's name says it all. We offer services in all states.

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