The Process

Precision Allergy Testing. Customized Treatment. Excellent Results

Simple Screening Test

The first step in the Nationwide Allergy Protocol is the Branson Allergy Symptom Evaluation know as the BASE which effectively screens patients and helps tell the practice with a numerical score (Branson Score)  if further testing or discussion may be warranted.    

An effective allergy program starts in the waiting room. 

The BASE is scored from 0 to 100+. 


A Branson Score of 25 or above indicates moderate to severe allergies and helps establish medical necessity for further testing.


Depending on your practice needs, the next step will generally involve a small fingerstick test to find out specifically what the causes of the allergic symptoms are. 



Only 4 drops of blood on a small card are required to detect 120 allergies that include

  • 71 environmental allergies

  • 40 foods allergies

  • 7 stinging insect allergies

  • Latex and penicillin allergies


Detailed. color-coded, easy to interpret results appear in your secure portal, generally within 3 business days. 

You are empowered to make decisions through this process.


This program has been designed from the ground up to make it simple and effective for patients and the practice.


Allergy severity is graded on a simple 1 to 10 scale with scores of 3 and above being associated with further evidence of environmental allergic disease that may warrant treatment in the form of immunotherapy, 

In addition, reports may be printed and given to patients that also include the reports on food allergy instance and severity.

See a sample report here.



We know that every patient is different.

Each responds differently to different allergens.


That’s why we custom-formulate every single dosage of our allergy medications specifically for the individual patient. 

Nearly all patients that participate fully in this program, report a complete remission of allergic symptoms by the end of their treatment.


Better Immunity, Better Health - For Life

The immune system protects us from all types of illnesses. When those resources are being used up needlessly to fight allergens, overall health can be negatively impacted.


Weight gain, occurrences of cold and flu, hormonal imbalance and even higher rates of some cancers have all been associated with a weakened immune system.


Precision allergy testing and customized treatment could help patients say goodbye to allergies for good..

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